539 is Our Number
The number certifying the quality of our product
We handle 200,000
quintals of milk.
Milk at km 0
for your yoghurt

Latteria Sociale Stallone

A few steps from Maestro Giusuppe Verdi’s Villa, the Latteria Sociale Stallone produces Grana Padano Dop in different seasonings.
Quality products, which characterize the territory of Piacenza, destination of a gastronomic tourism in constant growth.

Proud of our identity
and certain of our quality
Come to Villanova to try our Grana Padano
and many other products of our land...
Come and visit Latteria Sociale Stallone
We organize guided tours
of the production and the maturing warehouse
where you will witness the cutting of a Grana Padano cheese wheel
PC 0
Serial number of the dairy
Quintals of milk per year
Wheels of Grana Daily

“The year 1946. This day 31 of January. in Vidalenzo di Polesine Parmense. In a room on the ground floor for tollbooth use…”

…thus began the notarial deed which, in the first months of the post-war reconstruction, sanctioned the birth of the Social Dairy, one of the first cooperative societies that arose in the post-war period, made up of twenty-six owners and tenants of rustic land in the area.

A year later, the Social Dairy moved to the municipality of Villanova d’Arda, also transforming its name into Latteria Sociale Stallone, from the place where it is located.
Thus begins, in a large red brick building, a few hundred meters from the Great River Po, the story of a company that, from 9,000 quintals of milk per year in the 40s and 50s, today transforms 200,000 quintals to obtain about 95 forms every day.

The growth and competitiveness of the Latteria Sociale Stallone also passes through internationalization. The Grana Padano Dop produced by the cooperative already reaches distant destinations on board MSC cruise ships.

The cooperative supplies whole cheeses, portioned and grated cheese and a special corner is set up on each ship where a cheese with the dairy’s serial number PC539 is displayed.

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